Client Testimonials


Brad Hedgman
Deputy CEO

TMB engaged Craig to assist with the design and establishment of a cohesive approach to business process management and improvement at our bank.

Craig proved to be a very capable professional, very knowledgeable in his field. He delivered great results, matching our bank’s high expectations. Process Improvement Group was able to achieve the right balance between customer focussed methodologies and operational efficiencies in the establishment of our BPM framework.

Craig is very personable and was able to communicate clearly and openly with staff from the C-level to individual operational staff. I can readily recommend Craig to any organisation seeking these skills and attributes in a consultant or employee.


Tracey McKenzie
Business Architect – Asia Pacific

When I first hired Craig, he managed to come in, digest & understand all of the work done to date, & created alternate methods to display the data, such that we could drill down to further detail in the future.

Craig is a professional that has a deep passion & knowledge about business processes & process improvement methodologies. He was able to work with the business folks & gained their trust to enable us to get a better, detailed picture about how work was processed within the organisation.

Craig has the ability to think of solutions outside the box. He presents himself & his ideas in a way that everyone can easily understand. They have a very engaging manner & is easily included in many varied team environments.

Craig single-handedly planned & facilitated multiple back to back workshops with large business groups, to capture not only what the business folks did, but also to identify how the process could be improved.

Craig was essential in the success of our project to date. He has successfully presented our vision of the future to the C-Level group, getting them excited & supporting the team to progress the project to the next stage. Would I hire Craig again? Absolutely!


Grant Moore
Lead Enterprise Architect

I have employed very few people I would describe as a “totally customer and business benefits outcome focused”. Craig truly is a leader in his field.

Craig’s Outside-In approach to structuring business architecture processes to deliver successful customer outcomes is phenomenal. His ability to quickly and pragmatically implement business architecture solutions in an agile and flexible manner allows him to deliver tangible business benefits rapidly, bringing all the stakeholders on the journey.

Craig’s flexibility and desire to understand the greater enterprise architecture big picture brings out the very best in him. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Sean Grove
Program & Project Management Consultant

Craig is a passionate Process Consultant who always demonstrates a highly professional manner with a focus on satisfying customer requirements and delivering solid results.

Craig worked on a number of projects I managed and I would recommend him without hesitation.


Neil Abeynaike
Senior Manager Process Optimisation

Craig’s services were contracted by RAMS Home Loans to assist in conducting a high-level scan of the market for purposes of assessing and understanding vendor capability for the outsourcing arrangements for the company’s servicing portfolio.

The work performed by Craig was of a high standard in a particularly ambiguous time frame for the company given its acquisition by Westpac.

I would not hesitate in recommending Craig.


Mark McPherson
Portfolio Manager

Craig’s analysis was thorough, without pushing out timelines and budget. His deliverables (particularly in the area of business process redesign) were valuable to the project and I’m sure they’re still benefiting the business unit today.


Lou Murphy
IT Senior Manager and Consultant

Craig and I were heavily involved in the development and implementation of the Disaster Recovery capability for Aon. This initiative was part of a much wider IT Risk Management program.

Craig’s ability to describe, document, and provide implementation support for the relevant IT processes was excellent and truly professional.

Craig’s efforts resulted in a much more disciplined and rigorous IT capability, which beneficially affected the business.

I can recommend Craig without hesitation.


Ken Methven
Chief Operating Officer

Craig has great focus. He gets on with the job with considerable flair and has consistently delivered excellent results.

His expertise is highly valued.


Victor Konijn
CEO – Plutonic Zoo (Consultancy)

We hired Craig a few times as a process management expert for Plutonic Zoo clients. He is not only an expert in the subject but he manages to adapt his approach to what is best suited for the client, team and situation.

Craig is also very practical and creative to ensure value-add, and he can focus on the underlying business reason for the job without getting distracted. As such, he is a great Zoo member!

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