The whitepapers, case studies and e-books available here distil key learnings drawn from decades of process improvement experience in a variety of complex organisations.

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This whitepaper outlines 6 common problems that large, complex organizations seek to resolve, and how process improvement can assist with solving the problems.

This whitepaper attempts to identify how we can use big data and business process together
to improve our organisations. In particular CIO’s, Data Architects and Business Process
Analysts can use this whitepaper to identify how to use the two together to provide benefits to the organisation and to customers.

Often, the hardest part of bringing business process improvement (BPI) to life in an organisation is in building a compelling case to get the initiative up and running.
This white paper provides a structured approach to building a compelling case for business process improvement (BPI) that will get staff at all levels of the organisation involved and motivated to make the change a success.

As analysts we often approach assessing organizational process maturity by running workshops or “walking” processes. These approaches can be time consuming and it’s often difficult to consistently measure the maturity of the processes. This whitepaper looks at a way to measure organizational process maturity using simple, web-based survey tools.

This white paper provides a means for the identification of requirements that meet business and customers’ true needs by establishing a reusable approach that ensures traceability between process, procedures, requirements and successful customer outcomes. It is intended to be used as a practical guide for Business / Process Analysts and Project Managers to improve business processes rapidly.

This white paper provides an introduction to understanding how Business Process & The Customer Experience work together. It is intended to be used as a practical guide for Business / Process Analysts or managers to quickly understand the concepts of customer experience management and how to improve business processes using “outside-in” thinking.

This white paper details a set by step guide to planning and running effective process improvement workshops. It is intended to be used as a practical guide for Business / Process Analysts to be able to run workshops in a practical manner which will rapidly take the organisation to an improved future state.

This whitepaper attempts to identify whether process documentation still has relevance in today and if so, how to get the best out of it. In particular, Business Process & Procedural Analysts, Business Analysts and Technical Writers can use this whitepaper to identify what is necessary to document and how to do so effectively.


Case Study



The Process Improvement Group was invited to introduce business process improvement to the organisation in a means to improve operational efficiency and customer experience. In a short timeframe they were able to set up a cohesive approach to business process improvement that engaged staff at all levels of the organisation whilst identifying savings of just under $3 million per year from 7 core business processes. This was achieved within a 6-week period.



history of process

A brief history of the origins of business process and why it is so critical to organisations today.

practical tips

It’s often all too easy to bundle “processes and procedures” into one statement as if they are a single entity. Of course, they aren’t, but ask a dozen people what the difference is and you are likely to get a dozen different answers. Throw in the oft misunderstood “work instructions” and chaos can ensue!

business process & tech

Let’s face facts, systems fail regularly even in today’s age of disaster recovery and business continuity planning. There are still major mishaps that hit the news on a regular basis. But let’s not lay the blame on BCP & DR – they are the emergency option when the shit really hits the fan.

customer experience

Forrester’s Report “The State Of Customer Experience 2010” is out, and it makes compelling reading for those of us passionate about the customer experience.

re-thinking business process

What a lot of people seem to forget is that everything we do is a process. When you get up in the morning you follow a process, when you brush your teeth you follow a process. A lot of what we do has become routine and habit, but once upon a time they were new to you – you probably just don’t remember when the switch from being a new process to being “just something you do” occurred.


We’ve all experienced them. Customers loathe them. Companies don’t realise they exist. They suck good sentiment out of your customers and suck money out of your company coffers. I call them “Process Black Holes.”